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Starter Guide

Racing into the Slot World can be quite overwhelming and confusing with the abundance of choices, BUT you're in great hands! We've all been there and wanted to bring some peace to the mess!

The below provides guidance on what is needed to build your first car AND what parts we suggest that can be easily found in our inventory!


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Click on the below hyperlinks to bring up the part recommended!

Chassis: Small Tire S/S Inline Chassis Kit - WRPC-10

Chassis Tubing: .082 Tubing - JDS2014 Qty:2 needed  -- .065 Tubing - JDS2016 Qty:1 AND .050 Tubing - JDS2017 Qty: 1      *** All 3 are needed

Axle: Ultra Precision 3/32 Axle - KOF623R

Gears: Sonic 48T Drag Crown Gears-Trilite - SON1231-48

Pinion: Sonic 16 Tooth, 64 Pitch Pinion - SON30-16

Oilites/ Bushings: JKP 3/32 Oilites Flat Flange - JKP5575

Rear Wheels: 3/32 x 11/16 x 435 Pro Star - PTMN404I

Front Wheels: 27MM X 10 MM Front Tires for Hard Body Cars - PTM329

Wheelie Wheels: True Roll Wheelie Wheel Assembly - FUREX501

Motor: JKP Hawk 7 Motor - JKP30307

Lead Wire/ Clip: Ant Dog Wire With Clips - AD001

Braid: Parma Big Mama Hi Perf Gold Clip Braid - PAR663A

Guide: Parma The Blade Graphite Guide - PAR70222

Nut: Brass Guide Nut - SON310-3

Motor Screws: 5/64 Allen Wrench for Motor Screws - PAR484 Qty: 2 needed


*** Chassis need to be soldered and assembled.

*** The above are solely suggestions for those seeking guidance on building a car. The parts listed above are included but not limited to our inventory. We provide various options for majority of our inventory parts.