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DRS25 DRAG BIKE CHASSIS - Innovative Slots


  • $ 7200

DRS25 - This chassis has been designed for the Dragbike enthusiast to use in all Dragbike classes. These are some of the most fun classes in slot drag racing. Where you can compete in the top classes without the large expense usually associated with high-end racing. This chassis is designed with a belt drive system and comes complete with a specific front and rear wheel, the drive pulley for the motor, and also the drive belt. Their rear wheel has the drive pulley built into the rear hub and comes with the rubber already mounted to the rim. The kit and assembled chassis will come with all the parts necessary to build your Dragbike that are not readily available in the slot car industry. We do recommend that you do use bearing's for the 1/8" rear axle and motor (at least on the drive side) to prevent wear and subsequent axle wobble that could hurt performance. Their unique design does not really need a body, just a flat piece of lexan, or thin aluminum to make the top of the gas tank, seat, and rear fender. Try the Drag Racing Specialties “blueprinted” c-can motors for the best performance! Classes Recommended for: Dragbike. Recommended Bodies: DRS-504 Drag Bike Shell.



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