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DRSSW13 INLINE CHASSIS 5 1/4 - Innovative Slots


  • $ 2500

DRSSW13 - Inline Chassis Kit 5 ¼ Guide Lead Use with 1 1/16th to 1 1/8th Diameter Tires. Fits: Revell Pontiac Trans Am Pro Stock, Olds Pro Stock, Revell '83 and Monogram '86 T-Bird Pro Stock kits. We've heard your requests for a real Pro Type Inline Chassis for Hardbody racing, and the DRS SW13 is one of several chassis we've developed to respond to those needs The "California Style" of Hardbody racing makes use of both normal and large, wide, "scale" tires on older, "nostalgia"-style bodies. As model kits of these cars are not as wide as later cars, and generally have a great deal of body tuck-under or curved sides, it makes tire clearance a major headache, even with existing sidewinder chassis and components. With the larger tires, an inline chassis is usually a necessity! Until now, the choice has been limited in the selection of parts used in the construction of inline chassis. The popular choice has been the brass style, "U-shaped" bracket that fits the rear axle, and has a provision for a screw in motor. This is a stamped and folded piece that can have any number of problems, such as poor alignment of the rear axle (makes the car dog track as it goes down the drag strip) and most importantly, the alignment of the motor and axle! When the motor and axle are not aligned properly, it make a good gear mesh impossible. The axle and motor shaft MUST mounted at the same height. The first advantage of the DRS SW13 solution is the front nose piece. It allows, depending on body type and personal preference, the front of the body to be mounted at three points: straight off the front, or to the sides of the nose with two different locations. Remove the pair of side frame horns that are not needed. It also has an adjustable front axle mount, which allows the use of a incredibly wide range of bodies, from muscle car favorites of the '60s and '70s all the way back to Gasser models of the '30s and '40s! And, of course, it will also work equally well with those lexan bodies that have been hard to use with a conventional sidewinder setup. The DRS-SW13 chassis features a sturdy, precision .050" steel Motor Tab to mount your motor with screws, and rest assured, our motor tab and pillowblocks are exactly aligned properly for maximum performance. You will notice that the motor tab has provisions for either horizontal or vertical motor mounting. It also will take our new four screw motor mounting system that we developed for our new Gen III Motors, again either horizontal or vertical. The pillowblocks are sized for 3/32nd axles. No more adapters, and Ball Bearings are now easy to use! The rear of the body may be mounted with a solid or "floater" tube at the chassis balance point, at the forward, higher upright hole, or the slightly lower rear hole (as shown). Holes are large enough to permit proper "float" with either .050" or .062" tubing.


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